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At 8:37am on August 9, 2011, Phillip Traicoff said…
Hey Seth.
At 6:12pm on April 10, 2011, Ed said…

Thought of you when I saw these three-dimensional collages...

Kris Kuksi

At 10:36am on September 20, 2010, Jbarge said…
What's up you craisin?
At 5:21pm on April 9, 2009, Marvin P. Goldstein said…
Coming homo for the Panics?
At 1:38pm on April 8, 2009, lanny said…

You & Zac Burke inspired this thing....
At 9:51pm on March 19, 2009, lanny said…
Thanx I needed that.....I look forward to seeing you here in Bloomington this Summer,look me up.
At 5:36pm on March 19, 2009, lanny said…
Your friends with Mark Pauline,WOW just to be a fly on a robot at one of SRL's shows....
At 4:25pm on March 19, 2009, Jbarge said…
Hey you crazy rat bastard, how the hell are you?
At 6:39pm on February 13, 2009, lanny said…
At 9:17pm on October 22, 2008, lanny said…
Remember me???
At 2:06pm on August 30, 2008, Ben Anderson said…
Sorry, Seth... er, Reverend... I don't know if I can buy this outlaw bullshit from my former camp counselor. You still in Austin? If so -- and so inclined -- let me buy you a beer sometime.
At 3:09am on August 12, 2008, Rev.Seth Maxwell Malice said…
But, anyway, in Sf, I did the posters for shows at the Kennel Club, Paradise Lounge, and all the posters/artwork design flyers for the Chameleon, amongst other junk, like designing for Joe Boxer, having art openings @ The Lab, Brainwash, and living in the "Hickey Hotel", in the Mission. Moved there a week before and after the EarthQuake (89).
At 3:04am on August 12, 2008, Rev.Seth Maxwell Malice said…
Weird, Craig, oddly enough, I was thinking about the cemetary in B-town, today, when i was walking by the one in my neighborhood in austin, looking at ways of breaking in at night, and drinking, wondering if you could get away with that now-a-days, or if there were web cams in the trees-"Security!"

Seriously. Whos the guy with the glasses? Unseriously!
At 8:18pm on August 11, 2008, Craig Dalrymple said…
Hey, Seth! Man, I can't believe you've been living in San Francisco for the past 19 years! I never knew you lived in SF. I lived in San Francisco for a long time, too. In fact, I moved to San Francisco in 1987 and lived there until 2004 --- 17 years!

Too bad we lived in the same city for so many years but didn't know it and never found each other out in SF.

I had thought you'd been living in Austin, Texas since you moved there in the mid-1980s. The only reason I thought you'd moved back to Bloomington was that you listed your location on here as "Bloomtussington" which I knew was a joke but I thought that was just your wacky way of saying that you were living in B-town again.

No thanks on the bong, dude. I don't smoke and I don't do drugs; I'm high on life. Ha! Ha! Ha! :)

I don't think you're living in the past and I'm not either. I was responding to your comments about not wanting to feel like you're already retired and stuck in yesterday.

Memories of my youth in Bloomington do come to my mind from time to time, especially when I visit there like I did last month. But at some point I shut off the memories and come back to the present, even though my present situation sucks because I've been unemployed for a long time. I don't like to dwell on the past but I sometimes find it fun, interesting or amusing to discuss it, especially with old friends.

Here's a picture taken a few weeks ago in Bloomington at the historic Covenanter Cemetery located on High Street and Moores Pike near my old neighborhood of Sycamore Knolls.

"I am not mad. I am interested in freedom."
Jim Morrison



At 4:45pm on August 11, 2008, Rev.Seth Maxwell Malice said…
Craig, baby, I live in SF, but now I'm sabbaticaling in Austin. ANd, I NEVER live in the Past!!!

But I will pass you the Bong...although you might not like whats loaded in it...

Louder, Faster-RULES!
At 3:35am on August 11, 2008, Craig Dalrymple said…
Seth, Sounds like you've found yourself trapped in a Star Trek time distortion anomoly similar to the final episode of Star Trek The Next Generation and the movie Groundhog Day. You keep repeating the same behavior in the present over and over again, and the present instantly becomes the past. The next thing you know, 25 years have passed and suddenly you're a middle-aged punk trying to remember the good old days of your wild, wasted youth. Hey, I can relate --- I'm still going through my second mid-life crisis. It's going to be OK, though. Seth, carefully step away from the bong, go outside and breathe some of that Bloomington fresh air, and relax...I know what you mean: it's so easy to feel like you're "retired" and get lost in memories and get stuck in the past but we have to try to live in the ever expanding NOW. "The best is yet to COME," said President Bill Clinton. Was Bill thinking of Monica Lewinsky giving him a blow job when he said that? Let's remember the immortal words of Joe Strummer: "The future is unwritten." I like that idea --- too bad he died young like Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee Ramone. On a lighter note: sooner or later I'm going to move back to Bloomington. Hopefully, I'll be back sooner rather than later and we can get together to celebrate. In other words, to quote the Cramps: "Let's get fucked up!" Your myspace comment inspired me to place that Cramps song at the top of my profile playlist. One more thing: Don't forget to take your meds! I hope this message helps.


P.S. I saw a funny photo of you on the Internet today circa 1985 with your hand caught in the till at The White Rabbit. "One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small, and the ones that Mother gives you don't do anything at all, Go ask Alice when she's 10 feet tall..."
At 8:14pm on August 10, 2008, Craig Dalrymple said…

SURPRISE! Great to find you after nearly 25 years! I did an online search for Ross Danielson today that led me to your page here on Musical Family Tree today and you guys inspired me to create my own profile.

Seth, you and John Barge were FREAKIN' HILARIOUS IN SLACKER, DUDE!

I have many fond, hazy memories of WQAX, Mickey Malice Magazine, as well as Moto-X, and Yellow Rain playing at parties in the basement of my family's house in Sycamore Knolls in Bloomington. I have a few more cool Yellow Rain pictures from that party that I'll have to dig up, scan, and post.

When I was at the University of Missouri during the 1980s, I was fortunate enough to have a couple of friends, Tim Aynardi and Dan Ross, invite me to be the singer of their horror punk/death rock band, Lurking Fear. Our studio tape lyric book credits listed my role in the group as follows:
"Craig Dalrymple: Vocals, Insanity." That sums up my contribution to Lurking Fear and my mental health rather well right there! Mwah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

What a blast I had singing, speaking, shouting, screaming, and howling our crazy tunes of terror, such as "Werewolf," "Swamp Thing," "There's Something In The Basement," and "Hanging Out With The Dead." I contributed lyrics on "Swamp Thing" and "Hanging Out With The Dead" and wrote all the lyrics on our two most psychotic-sounding songs, "Dirge" and "Werewolf."

Dan used all of our songs from our 1987 studio master tape to make a superior sound quality 1998 CD, Songs From The Key of Lovecraft, since Lurking Fear took it's name an much of its inspiration from the stories of horror author H.P. Lovecraft.

At Missouri I also hosted a late night punk rock radio show called subliminal nightmare and edited and published my own 'zine, SCREAM magazine. Scream was a lot of fun and gave me the opportunity to interview Black Flag founder/guitarist Greg Ginn and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth.

I have some old Bloomington basement bash party pictures that I scanned a few months ago that I hope to post on my profile here once certain "technical difficulties" are resolved. Until then, you can see pictures of Moto-X and Lurking Fear by going to the Lurking Fear profile and my personal page on myspace:
Lurking Fear:

I heard from Yellow Rain's drummer, John Strom, almost immediately after I started this profile today. Great to hear from John and nice of him to politely correct an old retired brain dead zombie punk like me on a few Moto-X and Yellow Rain line up facts. I had forgotten a few details due to the long passage of time, my destroyed brain cells, and a certain chemical imbalance in my brain.

I haven't been an active member of any music scene for over 20 years but during the past several months I created a couple of Internet profiles for Lurking Fear on myspace and to expose our music to an unsuspecting global public and infect young minds all over the world with our demented monster music.

Anyway, man, I hope to hear back from you soon. "MR. MALICE, AKA MR. SPICKER, VEE HAFF VAYS OF MAKINK YOU TALK!"

Rock on,

At 5:00pm on July 20, 2008, Rev.Seth Maxwell Malice said…
Heh, I never changed, Al, except for the sleeping part. I try not to sleep. I hate going to bed. Every kid does.
At 6:14pm on July 15, 2008, Fred Jay Ross said…
Be on your Best Behavior Seth: The forbidden cassette tapes have escaped thier cocoon. I waved the large Sword of Heaven at them - a Divine Blade which kills myriads of spectres in each of their five shapes - but too late, the sonic attack had already begun.
At 5:36pm on July 15, 2008, Juliana Kate Greenfield said…
I'm with you, Seth. I, too, studied religion more out of my complete lack of faith/distaste for religion. My impetus really was to understand the psychology of religion, or why people believe what they do. What would make them do that? Whatever it is, I certainly don't have it. Also, it certainly helped to round out my other major, history. To this day, I am grateful for IU's Religious Studies Department (I liked Sam Preuss, Luke Johnson, Larry Fine) and for their overseas study program. I spent 1988-1989 (the start of the Intifada, no less) in Jerusalem, studying Hebrew, religion, and history at Hebrew University. I'm not so sure it was the actual degrees that landed me work, obviously, but all the researching, writing, etc. involved in those majors are transferable skills, especially in the researching/writing field!

I'll be interested to take a look at your book!

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