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I will be 30 this October, which, from what I can tell, entitles me to a handful of self-important and allegedly “deep” realizations about life. One of those realizations is that the primary reward for surviving life’s omnipresent pitfalls often seems to be a whole lot of pain and suffering (which, if you're lucky, also tends to involve observing the people you care about go through even more pain and suffering than you). The dangerous activities and various dumbass choices of my youth didn’t kill me, and I consider myself fortunate. But living requires us all to face some pretty serious bummers at times, and their frequency only seems to increase the older you get.


That’s where compassionate action comes into play. The fact is that I care a hell of a lot about my friends and the broader pool of Indiana’s independent musicians (and it’s likely that anyone reading this blog feels the same way). When one of us passes away, it matters to all of us in a real way. When one of us is hurting and needs help, it makes sense for the rest of us to step up and do what we can to help. Independent music scenes may lack the strict solidarity of military institutions or tightly-knit church congregations, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a significant impact on the people who matter the most to us: our fellow musicians and artists, as well as their respective loved ones. I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about the limits of human empathy lately and it seems apparent that the modern world requires a name and face to associate with suffering before even the most compassionate people can realize their ability to help find a solution.


Long unnecessary ranting aside, there are some important shows in Indiana this weekend that I want to tell you about. Sure, Kurt Vile plays the Vogue Friday, and there’s a cool GloryHole house show Saturday, and the Eiteljorg has yet another solid roundup of locals to play at their guitars exhibit Saturday – these and many others are definitely worth your time. But I want to focus on a few shows that will have a direct impact on two towering forces in Indiana’s underground rock scene. Check these out if you can, and give whatever your heart dictates.

You can feel good knowing that you're directly helping out a couple of dudes in need - dudes who play in local bands and don’t have easy access to health services or insurance - dudes who are probably a lot like you, and whose art matters enough to justify that you get off your ass and lend a hand (even if all that really requires in this case is leaving the house and throwing down a few bucks to watch some top-notch live music). And on top of that, just look at these freaking lineups! It brings me joy to see that so many awesome bands are pulling together to play shows like this, all with the intention of supporting their musical friends in a time of need.


I’m sure I could say a lot about Mike Anderson and Eric “Doog” Alexander in my own words, but I’ve probably thrown around enough words in this post to drive away even the most patient readers, so the following descriptions have mostly been borrowed from the Facebook event pages (with added links to the bands' MFT pages).


First up, this Friday, July 12 at Russian Recording in Bloomington:


STONE FREE: A benefit for Mike Anderson’s Medical Expenses

(featuring Circuit Des Yeux / Open Sex / We Are Hex / Psychic Baos)




Ladies and Gentlemen, as you may know, beloved musical genius Mike Anderson, luminary of important Rock and Roll exploders like Racebannon, Medusa, Rapider than Horsepower, Magician Johnson and Thee Open Sex, was besieged with multiple kidney stones recently, culminating in a lot of hospital visits and expensive procedures. Like most musicians in America, Mike lacks health insurance and now has some handsome debt. So here's a chance to help out if you give a fuck. All monies from this rock show will go to pay them bills.
















Then, on Sunday, July 14 in Indianapolis at 3233 W. 58th Street (James Furness’s house):

“Fuck cancer! Party on!” (Indianapolis)

(Featuring Amo Joy, Peter & the Kings, Ko, Beer, Raw McCartney, Sir Deja Doog, Hen)


So, Doog has brain cancer and if we want to keep him around for a little while we need to raise a little skrilla for holistic treatments. Come party, donate if you can, and express your positive energy.

We're gonna start things in the afternoon and get a plan together for food and beer with performances by:


Amo Joy



Peter and the Kings





Beer (the band)


Raw McCartney



Sir Deja Doog






I've talked to some people that want to donate, but can't attend the event. The easiest way to do this is to go to this site: Click on an album or track of your choice, download the album, and pay whatever you want to donate with your card. Also you can send money to this address:

Eric Alexander

1300 S. Madison St.

Bloomington, IN 47403

***There's also a Bloomington installment of "Fuck cancer! Party on!" next Saturday, July 20 at Rachael's Cafe, featuring these bands raising money for Doog:



The High Fliers


Dracula Pills 


Sir Deja Doog


Simon P. Moore (Kentucky Nightmare)

Dust from 1000 yrs


Katie and the Lichen


ok vancouver ok 


More TBA

On a final note, be sure to check out Doog's recent release, the Water Brothers Trust Anthology, a collection of the past few years of his recordings. He will have cassette copies of this release for sale at these upcoming gigs.


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