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The Guest List: Action Jackson (Co-Founder of Rad Summer / DJ)

This week, our Guest List is from a very talented, versatile, and popular local DJ, Action Jackson. In addition to spinning killer cuts at frequent events around Indianapolis, Action Jackson is half of the excellent hip hop collaboration, Black Fabio (w/ Oreo Jones). He's also the Co-founder of Rad Summer, a record label / promotion and booking company. You should probably also just go ahead and follow him on twitter @_ActionJackson and attend some of his upcoming events. 

Ok, no more time-wasting; here's Mr. Jackson's fantastic list:

In no particular order

1. Riff Raff

Went here for the first time last night and it's simply amazing.  I had the Pacific Rim Burger which has "shrimp, bacon,  swiss, pineapple, guacamole, red onion jam, and sweet chili mayo!!!"

3. Hawaiian Shirts
Don't hassle me I'm on vacation. 

I wanna take a bath in this.

5.  3 Local Albums I'm really looking forward to this Summer
Dorsh's just came out this past week and is making a ton of noise!  Oreo Jones and Andy D have full lengths coming out later this Summer as well!

I know it's a chain but I can't help it, I love this place.  Shrimp and white wine!

7. Rad Summer x No Bad Ideas Clothing Co Limited Edition Snapbacks
We just announced that we're going to release a limited edition collab snapback this Summer with local hat dons NBI!    Preview coming soon in the next few weeks.  More info here.  In the meantime the Rad Summer shop is still open for business!  

8. Dope Couture's Indianapolis store just opened 
Our friends at Dope Couture opened their Indianapolis store in Broad Ripple on May 5th!  It's next to the Hookah bar on Carrolton.  Like us they began in Bloomington!

9. Batali at Goose the Market 
I plan on eating a whole lot of these sammiches all Summer.

Definitely one of my favorite djs and absolutely running the trap house game right now.  They'll be in town opening for Major Lazer at the Vogue on Tuesday May 29th!

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