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Presenting MFT at Pecha Kucha this Friday 8pm

Hey MFT gang, I will be presenting at this Friday's Pecha Kucha here in Indy. If you aren't familiar with Pecha Kucha it's basically a series of topical 20 slide powerpoint presentations at 20 seconds a slide. So it's a very fast presentation. The topic for this installment is Libraries and since MFT is something of a library of sound recordings they invited me to present on the topic.

I'm telling you this since I hope you can come out to see the madness (there are a number of other presenters). I've actually never been to one but I hear they are fun, rowdy and somewhat drunken affairs.

I'm also telling you this since I hope you will help me with ideas about my presentation. I'm supposed to have it done tomorrow, ha!, but I think they will give me another day. I haven't started yet.

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Comment by Michael Eugene Henry on May 18, 2010 at 3:08pm
Hey Jeb,
Sounds like fun. Yeah, you have created a library. The difference between MFT and our local library is you CAN'T download music from our local library; only check to see if the CD is available. Also I would argue it is very green. No car ride to peruse the stacks unless you want to. It is very effective for time management, since it has its own search engine with 3 main search options. Countless links to similar content which a library web page may provide but on a much smaller scale. No library web page will offer the music for sale or a link thereto. Countless blogs by members delving into the current events, music history, as well as the minds and hearts of musicians. You've written this presentation've lived it. 6 slides for intro, 8 for the body, and 6 for conclusion. Make sure to take advantage of the many humorous images provided by members. You may also want to touch on the musicians/friends we have lost and their immortality on the pages of MFT. Probably stress the importance of that aspect early in the body of the presentation. Then you can hit them with the funny stuff. You might actually find you don't have enough time to tell them all the wonderful things about MFT. Go get 'em!!!!

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