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That's right! After a few months off, the MFT Podcast is back to bring you the best Indiana music in an easily digestible format. The new approach to the Podcast has me getting together with Kasey Bradley and Drew Deboy to goof off, chat, and listen to great music every couple of weeks. 

We also decided to give each show a theme in this latest incarnation of the show. The first (posted a couple weeks ago) is all about "New Beginnings." We played music from bands that are related to other bands in some way, including acts like S.M. Wolf, Wooves, Cooked Books, and Digital Dots (all of whom happen to be playing our New Music Showcase at Radio Radio October 19! More about that in a moment). The show was fun to make, the songs are great, and we quickly got back together to record another new episode.

The latest episode, just posted to MFT and Soundcloud, focuses on the New Music Showcase, which we are calling the "Show of the Year" because it hosts 29 bands on two stages in the course of one day. And at only $5, it's definitely the best way to see a bunch of great music without going broke.

This episode features excellent tracks from Sweet Poison Victim, The Icks, Male Bondage, Coyote Armada, and Sirius Blvck. All of those acts will be playing the New Music Showcase on October 19, along with over 20 others who are sure to blow your mind.

Find more details about the Showcase at the official Eventbrite page or via Facebook. And heck, even if you don't wanna do that, at least check out the poster below. Then come to this show!

Enjoy the podcast, and spread Indiana music however you feel like doing it. Also, thanks to SmallBox for once again sponsoring the MFT Podcast.

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