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MFT's NEW MUSIC SHOWCASE 2013 (includes exclusive playlist!)


So maybe you've been stuck in a cave recently, or hiding out in your doomsday bunker thanks to the latest antics of the government - but don't worry, it's OK if you haven't yet heard about MFT's New Music Showcase October 19 at Radio Radio in Indianapolis. I'm here to give you the good news!

This new tradition of ours began last year, where we compiled a megaton of our favorite new Indiana bands for a very full, very stellar day of Indiana music in Fountain Square. This year, we decided to challenge ourselves to book a completely new roster with no repeat acts from last year's showcase. Surprisingly, it wasn't a very hard task, due to the crazy amount of talented musicians in Indiana. And we actually ended up having to turn down a few acts that would have been great additions to the lineup if only we could have fit them all in (but hey at least we'll still have plenty of awesome bands to choose from next year!).

Anyway, no need for me to talk too much, because you, dear reader, have plenty of listening to do. Instead of going the typical show preview route and attempting to link to every band's MFT page, we opted to use MFT's awesome new playlist feature and created a mountainous playlist of great songs by most of the bands playing Saturday's showcase (a handful of acts don't currently have music in the archive, but that's an even better reason to come check them out!).

So whether you dig melodic hardcore (Male Bondage), scuzzy garage rock (Raw McCartney), hip hop (Sirius Blvck, Grey Granite), or any variety of catchy indie rock (Faux Paw, S.M. Wolf, Cooked Books, Bonesetters), give it a listen below and get psyched up for the show! 

LISTEN: MFT's New Music Showcase exclusive playlist

Then, if you feel like it, make your own playlist using MFT's easy-to-use playlist feature. Here's a quick how-to: go to Playlists, login with Facebook, and then start browsing MFT band pages! Click the "add" icon (plus symbol) next to any song in the archive and it will be added to your "Favorites" list on the Playlists page. Then click the "list" icon to add a track to an existing playlist or create a new playlist in the dropdown bar. We hope you'll enjoy it and play around a bit, and please send us comments or questions about the playlist functionality if you've got 'em: .

New Music Showcase official Eventbrite page (advance tickets available)


New Music Showcase Facebook Event Page


MFT Podcast about the Showcase

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