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"Annoy-core legends Dearnt to play first Indiana show in six years Thursday at the Melody Inn."
Dave Lindquist


About dearnt.
dearnt. was a band formed in 2002, using at the time, current members of local act, Inner Madness. wudearnt founded the band, and then recruited Kevin Gibson aka "Spoon" on drums, and John Goins on guitars, and wudearnt on vocals. Together, the three of them, as dearnt. were know as (wudearnt) Spoon, (moharcadearnt) and john as (hajidearnt). The three of them quickly took over the local music scene in Indianapolis that summer, and gained attention of all headlining local bands, such as The Slurs, Mudkids and The Why Store. Soon after total domination in the battle of the bands later that year, multiple live DVD's of thier live shows were produced and distributed like a plauge through the city, then the midwest and soon, the entire nation and world. They continued on the surgence of media attention that followed thier inagural show earlier that summer at the Festivilla, where NUVO staff, writers and photographers well documented thier very first performance. Later on that year, the Indianapolis Star and music editor David Lindquist began fequenting thier shows, whenever they were in town, as thier hectic schedule grew after thier first release and saw them doing shows in the midwest area.It wasn't long after that, producers Ross Robinson and Rick Rubin began to fight over producing efforts for the band, a joint effort was made and that was it for them being a local band. From thier initial roots to the band Inner Madness, they just continued to write, drink beer, and have a good time as they pushed thier way more and more into local stardom. One of thier crowning acheivements was when Mick Thomson of the national band, Slipknot, visited thier website and gave praise. As of press time, dearnt. activily works feverishly to please those at high levels at thier record label. They tour day and night and put on highly active, fascinating and most electrocuting shows all over the globe. dearnt. would like to strongly thank all of those back in Indianapolis, who made this dream possible. Photobucket
From: dearnt.
To: Marvin P. Goldstein Promotions
Date: May 14, 2009 7:34 PM
Subject: RE: the shoe
wee wyl preveaw new songg kalled " pumping device". rekord en stewdeyow. win yoo wonte too hav a kold beir???!21
----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Marvin P. Goldstein Promotions
To: dearnt.
Date: May 8, 2009 5:30 PM
Subject: RE: the shoe
yup wudeearntt. eye weele prinkt theese wike.
----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: dearnt.
To: Marvin P. Goldstein Promotions
Date: May 8, 2009 4:13 PM
Subject: the shoe
its drawing more and more knear.
ant wait. we are working on some stuff you and everyone else will be syure tew lyke. very konphidint tyou will like this shoe alot mor than the last won you saw. yoo. you got a kople extra posters for the shoe we can hav? wont to meet yup sometime knext week?

the return of dEARNT with Murder Junkies, Dockers, and Off Balance Thursday June 4th Melody Inn $8

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Comment by Marvin P. Goldstein on June 4, 2009 at 11:29am
Jeb, you are such a nice guy!
PJ, you are on my hit list!
Comment by Jeb Banner on June 4, 2009 at 10:34am
If PJ is against what Marvin is for then I'm against PJ being for it.
Comment by PJ Christie on June 4, 2009 at 10:32am
If Marvin likes it I'm against it.
Comment by Jeb Banner on June 4, 2009 at 10:17am
not sure what kind of controversy you were looking for! dEARNT definitely deserves a profile and probably a page in the archive too. This site should be, and hopefully is, all about documenting weird, freakish things before they are lost.
Comment by Marvin P. Goldstein on June 3, 2009 at 8:36pm
battel histaree
joon 10 2002 battel off opin myke nite

wudearnt ingayged in a recon mishon too opin myke nite. in diskyse hee enfaltrayted inamee lynes annd wos abel too obtayne sekrit informayshon regardeng the plans annd oparayshons off inamees off the dearnt.armee. plans our foarmeng as wee speek in cloasd meatings at the dearnt. hedkorters.

wudearnt enfaltrayted inamee teratoree onlee to fynd owt that mimbers off the dearnt.armee had alreddee sekyured the parimater. sinse the wor wos alreddee under waye wudearnt replinashed his boddee annd sperit with pluntee off drugs annd bear in the parkeng lot. gerg berner defeeted an intyre inamee squodren with a myke stand.

wor updayte!!!!!!!!!!11111 gerg berner wos drunke!!!!!!!!1111

joon 8 2002 battel off punke roc nite

dearnt. aryved at the battel feeld and sekyured the parimater, but doo too hostal intenchons moharcadearnt had too bee sayfelee escorted bak too are tempararee hedkorters near the battel feeld off the imerson. kaptin scot h8 suplyed wudearnt with bear and stayroids too help shifft the fiteng to are fayver. hajidearnt ingayged in vishes hand too hand kombat annd survyved with miner flesh woonds. the dearnt.armee mayde noo allyes as wel as reseevd mini noo recroots dureng annd after this battel.

wor updayte!!!!!!!!!!11111 gerg berner wos drunke!!!!!!!!1111

joon 7 2002 battel off abfab

the battel off abfab was a viktoree despyte moharcadearnts lyfe thretaning inguree. also the inamee atempted to tayke wudearnt hostege but he wos two drunke annd thay wer too layzee too kayree his unconshus bodee to inamee teratoree. a vishes battel was fot in the baysement off are tempararee hedkorters annd we reseevd milataree seport from vareus other worring fakshons lyke amarika oanes the moone, the miytee jon wains annd the slers.

moharcadearnt and hajidearnt wint on a recon mishon to the hart off inamee teratoree, brod crippel, and incownterd the inamee in the foarme off a milataree polees ofisser hoo thretend them with inkarserayshon. foaren troopes wer batteling as wel annd moharcadearnt and hajidearnt bayrelee escayped bak too the tempararee hedkorters. oll in oll the battel was one bye the dearnt.armee. joon 6 2002 battel off the munkees tayle slim viktaree

wee foght longe annd hard at munkees tayle last nite and bayrelee won the battel. wee hav won everee battel up too this poynt becos peepel alwayes left, wee droave peepel owt and of off the battel feald. at boath battels off the festevila are mewsik wos two hevvie fore sum annd thay cood not stand the vishesniss off the battel. but last nite that was noght the cayse. wee wer stil abel to com owt with a viktaree becos wee scayred yuppees al the waye frum the fince too fore bloks awaye.

wee wont to think evereewon hoo cayme two help us doo battel annd com owt alyve with a slim viktaree. wee ishood som battel geer and unafoarms too are noo allyes, think yoo fore joyneng the fite, the dearnt.armee livs on strong annd prowd!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

room cleereng rayte: 10%
(owtsyde shoe) streat cleereng rayte: 80%

may 29 2002 the 3rd battel of the festvila. wudearnt and hajidearnt wint on a mishon of misenfoarmayshon bye giveng owt dearnt.literacher too som sivilyans hoo hav not yet choasin sydes in the wor. wee beleev that wee hav chaynged theyre myndes annd thay wil nowe joyn the dearnt.armee.

room cleereng rayte: 50%

may 18 2002 the 2nd battel of the festivila was a sukses. aftir sekyured the parimiter the 3 soljers of the dearnt.armee praseded to set up bayse camp on a stayge. wee than defeeted the enamee bye forseng them owtsyde. thay must hav bin thare too sea ac3 becus thay weere afrayd of are hevvie mewsik. this viktoree felt swete, we wont to tayke over this seen battel bye battel.

room cleereng rayte: 50%

may 13 2002 battel of the bokstor was a hyuje sucses. hajidearnt and moharcadearnt sacyurd the parimater too mayke shur it was sayfe fore are dearnt armee too prosede with the mishon. awl wint wel and are viktoree was toatel.

may 11 2002 in tha battel of the festivila their were mini casultees on bothe sydes but wee were viktoreus, tha dearnt armee has nevir lost a battel!!!!!!!!!1111

may 4 2002 tha battel of the imersun was tuf but wee overrcaym annd distroid awl oposishon. sivilyans ran fore cover as tha battel raged awl nite long. 1
Comment by Marvin P. Goldstein on June 3, 2009 at 6:25pm
Wow, I was expecting more controversy over this post? Where is everyone P.J., Strohm?
Comment by Jake Petroff on June 3, 2009 at 10:35am
I saw Dearnt. at the Monkey's Tail one summer a few years ago. That was interesting.
Comment by John Scot Sheets on June 3, 2009 at 9:36am
Marvin can speak in Dearnt language!
Comment by Marvin P. Goldstein on June 3, 2009 at 8:34am
Thanks for your positive response, Jeb! I wasn't sure what your take on this would be, but I think you are getting to me know me. Glad to see that you were aware of them.
Comment by Jeb Banner on June 3, 2009 at 7:59am
I guess we can have two bands of the week, why not?
I've been fascinated by dearnt for years. They used to cause serious mischief back in the day. If I recall they trolled the message boards and sent bizarre emails to the local media. Good times.

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