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Album Review: Dreamboats – Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid

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Slumber parties were always the best. You'd arrive and wait for the rest of your buds to show up, running around outside while games of wiffle ball and freeze tag broke out. As the sun began to set, everyone would migrate indoors; laying out their sleeping bags in prime positions, and tricking mom and dad into thinking the night was winding down – just in time for nightlong rounds of N64, and along with them, mischievous dares and pranks. Drifting off into a dream, your friend would quickly be awakened by a shenanigan of some variety, enacting an unspoken understanding amongst the rest of the boys that bedtime would be a collective agreement.


Many of these innocent sleepover memories are brought back to life with Sleeping Bag and Rozwell Kid's recent Dreamboats release. The collaborative brainchild of Sleeping Bag's Dave Segedy (Bloomington) and Rozwell Kid's Jordan Hudkins (Pennsylvania), the release's lighthearted lyrical surface meets underlying tones of musical maturity with a Pinkerton-esque, garage pop brilliance.



Upon meeting on tour in Pennsylvania and exchanging contact information, Segedy and Hudkins began writing this "split" collaboration of songs via a series of email exchanges (what a dream it is to be in the 21st century, yeah?). The end result is a six-song release that defies the modern "split" expectation, with every song on the release being a joint effort. The two even released limited edition vinyl that was half pink and half blue on each side.


The release's first track, "Chinchilla," opens with a simple, catchy guitar riff, eventually exploding into fuzzed-out chorus and echoing guitar solo. It's a shame this release didn't come a little earlier in the year because this song would've been a windows-down type of blaster.


"Dogfood" begins with a softer harmonizing introduction (maybe even a little reminiscent the now deceased Bloomington group husband&wife). "All out of chips so I'm eating the dog food," sings Hudkins somberly, perhaps reminding everyone of that time their friend dared them to try a nip of Purina. While less driving then most of the tracks on the release, "Dogfood" is definitely a standout.



The innocent lyrical content continues on "Total Doofus," as a bummed out Hudkins sings, "When I ripped my favorite shirt, I thought I made a mistake." And sounding the most like a conventional Sleeping Bag tune, "Miguel" is led by Segedy on vocals and features a sing-a-long guitar solo.


Another melancholy tune, "Crystal Kit" speaks to the wishful letdown of growing a crystal kit, bringing back bummer-filled memories of failed toy dissatisfaction. Closing out Dreamboats is "It's Cool," another summertime garage-rock jam justifying the purchasing of expensive samurai swords. Another highlight from the release, the song's reflective picture of fun times past truly characterizes Dreamboats as a whole–a collection of six songs that might even stay stuck in your head longer than that one Nickelodeon theme song you loved.


Sleeping Bag MFT Page


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