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This Just In? ZERO BOYS re-release classic album and fabled lost album

ZERO BOYS re-release classic album and fabled lost album

SECRETLY CANADIAN is very proud to announce the re-release of "Vicious Circle", the essential debut punk album by the Midwest punk legends, Zero Boys. In addition we are also releasing for the first time the lost second album, "History Of", which includes the classic "Livin' In The '80s" EP. These two releases constitute the entirety of their recorded output from the classic '79-'83 era and will be available January 20, 2009… Continue

Added by Cyndi E (sindie e) on October 31, 2008 at 4:42pm — 31 Comments

The Great Rock and Roll Swindle

All right whoever saw or had the VHS dub of The Great Rock and Roll Swindle, the one with Korean subtitles raise your hands. At least I think they were Korean my memory of it and knowledge of asian languages is not so good. And to whom ever had the original copy Thanks

Added by Dennis Childers AKA Shmo on October 30, 2008 at 6:40pm — No Comments

Grampall Jookabox: Let's accept madness together

If you listen to just one album made by an Indiana-based musician this year, I'm inclined to recommend "Ropechain" by Grampall Jookabox.

The songs dabble in sex and psychosis, with David Adamson bringing his fractured folk from the mountains down to the city.

"I wanted to make something that feels thick all the way through," says Adamson, who you may know from his work in the bands Big Big Car and Archer Avenue. "I knew that meant sweet beats and funky… Continue

Added by Dave Lindquist on October 30, 2008 at 2:52pm — 1 Comment

Tri North and the punk rock queer freaks.

I met KC Fick in late 7th grade got me into the dead kennedys . He gave me a beat up copy of plastic surgery disasters.To this day its still one of my favorite punk records. At tri north we were quite a crew. Josh Martin,Noah Lucas,David Pagano KC Fick. It seems we were always posturing and getting into pissing contests.I used argue with David about the clash. He took the view that they were not punk enough. I wonder even now how could anyone think that.I was into music almost older that me the… Continue

Added by Dennis Childers AKA Shmo on October 30, 2008 at 11:52am — 3 Comments


First show I went to was the Samahain at the old library. I was 12 or 13. Man was I out of my league. I tried so hard to get Chisty's attention. Either she or one of her friends threw a bottle at me. I had it coming I was beyond snotty and obnoxious. I dont think I ever was not snotty until I was like 17(although many would argue that and fairly).I think my rural countrified parents must have heart attacks when seeing the crowd when they got me after the show. Even more offending to their… Continue

Added by Dennis Childers AKA Shmo on October 29, 2008 at 2:00pm — 1 Comment

Max Brooks

Just saw Max Brooks at IU He is freakin funny!

Added by Dennis Childers AKA Shmo on October 28, 2008 at 10:23pm — 1 Comment

Questions for the Eighties crowd

Today I have questions.
Who became or was straight edge?
Who else was a fan of the English Dogs?
Who embraced a relgion other than christianity if so was it radically different from your friends and family's religion?
Who joined the military? All Burtons need not answer. FTN
Any Mods out there?
On that note any fans of The Jam?
Did anyone see the Specials or Selecter when they got back together?

Added by Dennis Childers AKA Shmo on October 28, 2008 at 4:00pm — 101 Comments

SPATIALLY SEVERED RELEASE SHOW this SAT 11/1 at Local's Only with Casiotone for the Painfully Alone + No Kids


for our brand new disc, Spatially Severed

Come visit us THIS SATURDAY

@ Luna Music on College (& 52nd)

1:00 PM / All… Continue

Added by Everything, Now! on October 28, 2008 at 3:36pm — No Comments

MOKB Presents....Everything, Now! CD Release Party + Casiotone For The Painfully Alone + No Kids

This Saturday, November 1st, My Old Kentucky Blog presents the Everything, Now! Spatially Severed CD Release Party, at Locals Only, with special guests Casiotone For The Painfully Alone and No Kids.…


Added by Dodge on October 28, 2008 at 3:03pm — No Comments

New Video : Grampall Jookabox : The Girl Ain't Preggars + CD Release Party

We've promoted his shows, we've loved his early music and… Continue

Added by Dodge on October 28, 2008 at 2:44pm — No Comments


Today, October 28th, is Jeb's birthday.

He does a lot for everyone who uses this site and I think we should all wish him a Happy Birthday. Let me be the first (in blog format, at least) to wish him one.

Thanks for all you do Jeb!!


Added by Mike Menke on October 28, 2008 at 1:43pm — 11 Comments

Years later I wonder how my road was formed. I look at others paths and think some are suprising and others expected. Many friends did not expect me to make it in the marine corps. I wonder who among…

Years later I wonder how my road was formed. I look at others paths and think some are suprising and others expected. Many friends did not expect me to make it in the marine corps. I wonder who among us followed more spiritual and esoteric paths.In 1995 I became a muslim. After years of being straight edge it seemed to be a natural choice.I have also developed a love of Zen. Not only are zen and Islam compatible but alike in many ways. That is a topic for another and much longer blog. Continue

Added by Dennis Childers AKA Shmo on October 27, 2008 at 12:00pm — No Comments

I voted Today!

I went out to the polling place today and voted. It was only about a 45 minute wait which wasn't bad. I was still amazed at how many people were there however. Ive voted in the same place for 8 years now and Ive always just walked in and voted without waiting in line at all on election day -for ANY previous election. It says about the importance of this election when turnout has been hour or more waits every single day since they open early voting.

According to some of the poll… Continue

Added by Janie Danger on October 26, 2008 at 4:30pm — 6 Comments

Returning to B town

Here it comes. Now is the time to wax poetic,be nostalgic and ruminate. At 12 or 13, when I was in Tri North, I first saw Bill Foster and laughed at him. A few months later I realized he was on to something and I wanted in. My demi-gods for a time walked the Bloomington North Halls: Chirsty Davis, Kennan Yoho (correct spelling?), and Bill Foster. Later on it would The Burtons and Jay Walter. I still owe the most gratitude to Bill. When I ran away from home he talked me into going home the next… Continue

Added by Dennis Childers AKA Shmo on October 26, 2008 at 10:00am — 2 Comments

LonPaul's Birthday

is today, October 25th. He would have been 38. I always remember it cause it is three days before mine and we used to have Scorpio parties back in the 90s when there was about 6 of us living in Indy that had late October birthdays. I still miss him so much and think about him all the time. As I get ready to go out for a night of music here in Broad Ripple (Broad Ripple Music Fest) I can't help but think that he would have been playing tonight with some band or another. He played in almost every… Continue

Added by Jeb Banner on October 25, 2008 at 6:00pm — 3 Comments

Hoooray for Bitch Head!

Those songs make me so happy. Thanks to Andrew for providing and MFT for hosting them.

BTW--I think the "I'm A Raper" cut is from Marvin's backyard BBQ like the rest. It just has the sorta-mastering-yea-right EQ on it that we gave it for Topped With Fudge.


Added by Kooch on October 24, 2008 at 6:43pm — 4 Comments

Obama vs McCain on the Arts

These PDFs were sent to me by the Obama folks and I thought you MFTers might find them of interest since music=arts. I'm sure the McCain camp would contest this in some fashion. I know support for the Arts is an important issue for me personally, and I'm sure many of you. It's unfortunate with all the focus going towards the economy that this subject isn't getting much attention in the current election. Anyway here are the PDFs…


Added by Jeb Banner on October 23, 2008 at 3:43pm — No Comments

Broad Ripple Music Festival preview

Saturday's multi-act, multi-venue Broad Ripple Music Festival is a sequel to the Broad Ripple Fall Music Festival, which was organized in 2007 after the Midwest Music Summit and the Broad Ripple Street Fair flamed out in 2006.

Broad Ripple Music Festival co-founder P.J. Christie doesn't dwell on event names, but he says it's important to have an annual celebration of the local music community.

"The quality of bands is as high as it's ever been," says Christie, who's played… Continue

Added by Dave Lindquist on October 23, 2008 at 12:49pm — 3 Comments

The Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Festival Contest Winner


Unexpected to festival organizers, the Chicago Bluegrass & Blues Festival’s “Last Banjo Standing” play-in contest has been a hit. With over 75 bands entered and over 25,000 votes cast, it’s clear that the indie roots music scene is far from dormant. Midwest musicians, don’t fret, as there’s clearly no need to include a DJ Set in your… Continue

Added by Donnie Biggins on October 23, 2008 at 11:51am — 2 Comments

"Before Morning" EP

Geraldine named the record.

3 tunes from it up here on me page. The rest can be found at and our Sonicbids page.


Added by Lance Harrison Drake on October 22, 2008 at 5:30pm — 1 Comment

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