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List of local Venues throughout Indy music history.

Everyone has played in venues before, how about we get a listing of some old places that we've all played at. See how far back you can remember, and see if those places have been refurbished or renamed. Also welcome to add any favorites from the present tense. Any if you're feeling good, some places you'd like to see a venue put in.

Here's a good list that will be updated.

the arlington theater, later the ritz (my first big punk show and first movie ever, song of the south)
hoosier ballroom
the ritz (the one that was connected to a hotel on shadeland, might have the name wrong)
the patio
the avenue
the vogue
an old school on lafayette rd. (jot, heretic lunch)
the moose lodge near 52nd & keystone
the out back bar (used to be the bar connected to the broad ripple steak house)
india community center
modern times
second story
dharma emporium
fall creek park pavilion
melody inn
flying tomato (muncie)
33 steps
the fountain room
radio radio
the underground (on 16th street across from O.P.s)
the upper room
blue velvet ? (tufty's place on b.r ave., short lived saw steve kawolski there)
there was a place where chumly's is now and was once an italian restaurant on b.r. ave.
the wellington
the super secret spot aka mike farmer's place
ct pepper's
locals only
bentley's (south side metal bar) there was a place on the west side too, next to indoor soccer!
the emerson
no bar and grill
zanies too

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Need description of Lafayette house party. Please and thank you.
I can't remember exactly, I know I was 19 when I first started working there and 21 when I left; so let's say '89 to '91. It's a sad story, actually, because the owners were swindled out of the business by some professional thieves. I was so naive and optimistic back then that I didn't even know such things could happen.....
Seems like the food co-op was around Wood Street and River Road. I think Amused Clothing used to be down there too, before it moved to State Street. Or I may be completely wrong about all of this. My memory's not exactly Strohm-like.
i'd pay good money for strohms memory. ;)
i played at the wild beet a few times and really liked it. i don't remember the sound
guys name but he was really good. it always sound great in there.

i only played the flying tomato once but it was a good'n. i think that it was a sunday night
with neurotic box or pub sigs. it was one of janiaks bands.
yeeeaaaah, the only problem was, being in lafayette means you'll probably end up drunk.. that being the case of me at that party. All I know is that there was a house, with too many people, and the music was loud. loved it.
Purple Underground
Smedley's Dream

Rehearsal Studios
Center Grove Community Center (for any old schoolin south siders..)
k-9 college in broad ripple zero boys played there.

larry's alternative music on mass ave. had zero boys and toxic reasons play new years shows, two years in a row if i remember right, 89 and 90 i think.

dawsons lake hosted fathers day mondo in 85, dandelion abortion, A.O.F., die kreuzen i know i'm leaving several bands out sorry.

bloomington had a you store storage room or something like that, i think on rogers and seventeenth zero boys played upstairs one winter.

rock for no reason in bean blossom, if you consider a hay field a venue.

fortville lions club, was it JOT that played there? i can't remember for sure.

maybe i'll think of more later, hurts my head to think that far back.

2-19-1986 sherwood country club
Venue notes: Sherwood Country Club, Indianapolis
Defunct. Longtime Indianapolite David Concannon writes: "The Sherwood was once a nice (relatively speaking) buffet restaurant that specialized in receptions, banquets, etc. In the mid-80s it was converted to an all ages club. There was a fire there around 1991. They stayed open as an open-air club (i.e., no roof), but not for long."

One of the venue's owners elaborates (Jul 2006):

"The Sherwood was built and opened in 1967 as a club for people under 21. As the years passed it morphed into a banquet hall with a full liquor license. It hosted many national groups in the 60's and 70's, i.e., Reo Speedwagon, Black Sabbath, Tommy James, The James Gang, The Buckinghams, The New Colony Six, Joe Walsh, and many more. It also hosted President Carter's brother Billy and the President's mother, Miss Lillian.

"It was a regular venue for pro boxing, and hosted an ESPN telecast title bout featuring an Indiana native Gary Guiden.

"[We] operated it until a fire destroyed the building in 1991. We operated outside in the remnants of the building for four summers and had crowds approaching 2000, each Monday night. A crackdown on the curfew for under 18 made us decide it was no longer worth it. We sold the real estate for condominiums a few years back."
Sitcom - All three locations:

The tiny room next to the "Cop Shop" at Broad Ripple Park. It had a bunch of gymnatics mats or something piled up in it. Crankpin played there with Lungfish and I think Tanner Boyle.

The room at 49th and College: Lots of good shows there, too. Lots of SF bands seemed to come through there.

The room down on College and Mass Ave. I saw many bands there, including my fellow NJ-ites, Shades Apart.

City Lights (I think that's the name): It was down on Emerson somewhere. I saw Big Drill Car there, Buffalo Tom, Antenna, some others. What happened to that place?

Dead Pigeon/COC in Muncie: We did Shellac, Tar, Samiam, fifteen, Ne'er do Wells, Tortoise, and tons of other bands. It was a good time while it lasted.

(Patterson) Block in Muncie: the No Bar successor.
Does India Community Center count?

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